In Memory of Will Pergerson
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Dear Friends,

As many of you have probably heard - our good friend and evangelist, Will Pergerson, died last Thursday evening, August 27, in a plane crash in Battle Creek.  Please, please, keep his wife Sharon, their children Will Jr. and Jaissa, their extended family, and those of us who knew and loved and were blessed by Will, in your prayers.
Always remember that "an enemy has done this" - and no matter what the cause - we WILL see Will again - Satan claims the body for now, but Jesus claims Will for eternity.  On resurrection day, we will join Will, and see him reunited with his family, and all of us who were so blessed by his ministry.  God has loved us with an everlasting love and death can not separate us from Him but for a moment.  Will's next thought will be awakening with Jesus in his eyes.

We will be working on a setting up an assistance fund for Will's family.  Please check back or email the 1888 office for more info.

Again, please keep Will's family in your prayers, as well as the "most precious" message that he was living to share.

Your Brother in Christ,

Robert Hunsaker
President 1888 MSC

Andrew McChesney has written an article about Will for the online version of The Adventist Review. Read that article by clicking this link.