GCB April 10, 1901
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“There seems to be in this meeting an endeavor to press together. This is the word which for the last fifty years I have heard from the angelic hosts, -Press together, press together. Let us try to do this. When in the spirit of Jesus we try to press together, putting ourselves out of sight, we shall find that the Holy Spirit will come in, and the blessing of God will rest upon us. Enough dissension will come in from outside. That which Christ declared would arise in the last day will come. The people of God are to walk in the light of heaven, not in the light of the sparks of their own kindling, or in the light of the sparks which the enemy will kindle for them. He will make fires enough to  lead us astray if we will be led. We must place ourselves in that position where we reach the highest standard of truth and righteousness, equity and judgment.” {GCB April 10, 1901, par. 2}