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Cheering evidence that the 1888 message is spreading abroad comes in the form of a manuscript in Japanese characters.

Yoshifumi Tsuji, a young Japanese student at Loma Linda University, submitted the text of his sermon for the Japanese group of the University church to Adventist Life, periodical for church members in Japan.

He explains in a letter, "I had to take charge of the SS lesson dealing with the sanctuary. Although I had grown in the SDA Church since I was a baby, I had never studied the sanctuary truth. Unfortunately there is no book about the sanctuary written in Japanese. So I began to read English books. After reading three books about the sanctuary, I found The 1888 Message. I was strongly impressed by it. It rejoiced my heart."

When, later, he prepared this sermon "it flashed across my mind to send my manuscript to Adventist Life. I thought that an average Japanese Seventh-day Adventist did not know about the 1888 message and the beauty of the sanctuary truth. In Japan I have never heard/read a sermon on justification by faith and the sanctuary. I am not a pastor or a church leader but just a layman, but the editors had my manuscript printed in the issue of December, 1986."

This 26-year-old freshman, who did not know English when he came to the U. S. two years ago, has read The 1888 Message, The Broken Link, As Many As I Love, The Good News is Better Than You Think, Gold Tried in the Fire, The Knocking at the Door, In Search of the Cross, An Explicit Confession Due the Church, History and Content of the 1888 Message.