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St. Maries, Idaho

I see now an unfair picture has been painted by independent groups in regard to God's last church on earth, the Seventh- day Adventist Church. . . . I wanted to let you know where we stand on this and that we are praying for what you are trying to do.

Since we have had the true agape spirit, we have been able to work with our local church to a great degree. We are still firm to principle and are reformers in the true sense of the word. The Lord has opened many doors for us to speak at other local churches, straight truth in the Spirit of Jesus, not as a self-righteous Pharisee.

—Jeff Reich


Orange, Massachusetts

Thank you so much for answering my letter and telling me of the wonderful meetings that were to be held at Camp Winnekeag. A friend and I went down for all of Sabbath and how we enjoyed them and were blessed. We know time is quickly coming to an end and we need to have the righteousness of Christ. May He help us all.

—Janet Burdett


Fort Meyers, Florida

Our neighbors, a young couple with two daughters were having marital problems and finally separated. She was raised an Adventist but had not been to church for awhile; he, a nice young man, a hard worker but used drugs. As they are our neighbors we've had some good interaction. I had some opportunities to share the Father's love with them.

One afternoon after a week or two of being separated, he came to me and asked for Bible studies for himself, his wife and his parents. I chose to study out of the book, Fundamentals of the Everlasting Gospel, by E. H. Sequeira (a wonderful study book). After our first study our friends moved back in with one another and we praise God and continue to study to know Him. This is it. God's grace is more than sufficient.

—David Schartiger


Stoneham, Massachusetts

I would like to thank you for your messages and publications that you blessed us with. . . . Many of my students are interested in studying more in depth the nature of Christ and the problematic question of the delay of the second coming. . . . The message of God that you have brought will continue to affect them via me. I cannot express how your work In Search of the Cross, has touched my heart. So often my experience has been very intellectual yet lacking in true commitment.

—Trina Schneider


LaVerne, California

I've been an Adventist for a little over two years. . . . I recently read History and Content of the 1888 Message, My heart was so full of joy to realize that there is a chance to live a sinless life in this sinful flesh through the righteousness of Christ.

—Yvette McDowell.


Downs, Kansas

I just received my first copy of the Newsletter and enjoyed it very much and feel it is necessary to send it to these friends who are sincerely seeking truth for these last days. I heard Elder Wieland speak on the 1888 message. Have two of his books, As Many As I Love, which I have shared with my pastor and one of the church elders. Enclosed is my check to help with your work.

—Wanda Graham


Hagerstown, Maryland

We now have four study groups studying Daniel and Revelation. We praise God for the many things we are learning. And to see the ones really searching for truth coming out. We pray that more will have understanding and more groups will be started. We earnestly pray for the Holy Spirit's work in our hearts and in the church. To many of our people it is like a foreign language.

—Mrs. Charles Steele


Worcester, Massachusetts

I am beginning to see that the way the Jews pushed Jesus into the background we have tried to push 1888 out of people's minds. I thank you for uncovering 1888 for me. I have grown so much closer to Jesus because of it. I praise the Lord for this beautiful message. Friday nights we are inviting different members to our home and discussing the points you covered in your sermons. These people are so thankful and hungry for this good news.

—John Rossetti


Cedar Springs, Michigan

I’m concerned about 1888 message finances. Wouldn't it be feasible and just to invite 1888 supporters to commit themselves to a monthly gift to the Lord's 1888 message group. I cannot give a large sum, but a consistent monthly amount, multiplied by hundreds, hopefully thousands by now, would help, put the group on a more firm foundation.

I was thrilled with the article in the Review, "1888 Centennial Commemoration. Will our 1888 message messengers have valuable input? I'm writing the Review.

—Adele Lazio