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The good news of Christ's righteousness, made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God, is bringing courage and joy to hearts not only across North America but in Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe.

In a letter to Elder Wieland, Robert and Rosalie Cook expressed gratitude for the blessing that his visit "down under" brought into their lives:

In 1984 you came to New Zealand and presented the 1888 message in a cold and nearly empty school hall. The sound system did not work very well so you were hard to hear. But I heard you say that the Spirit is opposed to the flesh, to prevent you from doing the bad things that you would—and to me, who believed we can never stop sinning till Jesus comes, this was truly Good News! All I could say was "Amen."

Later I heard the recording and read your book, The 1888 Message. Now the good news leaps from every page of the Bible constraining me in service to our Saviour. It was a delight when I read in your book that Jesus had come down to where we are and truly knows what it is like to be tempted as we are in sinful flesh. It broke my heart and I confess that it brought tears to my eyes as I read it.

God's love truly turns people's lives upside down. Thank you for the section on justification by faith. I thought it was a purely legal trans-action and that sanctification was not a part of the gospel. Justification by faith is "much more." It truly is appreciation of the cross of Calvary for how can anyone look at that cross and keep looking without being transformed? Now when I read in Christ's Object Lessons about the wedding garment, I don't have to substitute the word "imputed" where she wrote "imparted.". . .

When I read your book Knocking at the Door, at first I did not understand what you were talking about on "unconscious sin" and "corporate repentance," but I have come to see what Jesus wants to do in our lives in conjunction with His work in heaven. Thank you. I heard the

Australian tapes and your presentation on the cleansing of the sanctuary and Laodicea, Now the health message makes sense and the Bride of Christ, the Song of Solomon messages, make sense and now I look at the church as the "body of Christ" (that can overcome).

The message you brought to New Zealand still rings true with Scripture, points my eyes to Jesus and weakens my knees before Him in prayer. . . . This message has the ingredients to turn the world upside down for it has the true cross of Christ. —Rosalie Cook