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Sale of As Many As I Love, is nearing 7,000 in the first six months, making it necessary to consider reprinting. It has traveled around the world. It has been sent to all General Conference Committee members and an extensive list of theology teachers. But this is only a token of the Adventist membership that needs to receive its sobering call to repentance.

The plans for an 1888 Centennial lend special urgency to our united effort to place this little book in the hands of friends, fellow church members and, especially, pastors. To facilitate wide distribution of the book, it is available at the special price of $20 for 10 copies.

Another book that needs wide distribution is Dr. Ralph Larson's research of Adventist literature on the subject of the nature of Christ. The Word Was Made Flesh, One Hundred Years of Seventh-day Adventist Christology, documents a major doctrinal shift which underlies our present confusion and disunity.

For an introduction to the 1888 message, read The Glad Tidings, by E. J. Waggoner); A Summary of the History and Content of the 1888 Message; The 1888 Message, An Introduction. For additional reading, request our price list with brief descriptions of books available on this vitally important subject.