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Elder Robert J. Wieland
Passed to his rest
on July 13, 2011

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2014 National 1888 Message Conference

Theme:  Before Principalities and Powers

Dates:  July 8 - 12, 2014

Location:  Pioneer Memorial Church (PMC)

on the Campus of Andrews University


How does the unpardonable sin relate to the legal justification of the entire human race?  If all men have been justified, how can any man be lost and God remain just?  What does the unpardonable sin mean for God's forgiveness of “all trespasses” (Col. 2:13) at the cross?

These and other questions are clearly and biblically answered in, The Message of the Latter Rain.
"I am impressed with your clarity and passion for the theological contours of what happened in the 1888 Minneapolis General Conference.  It has never been better explained.  Your analysis of Adventist Arminianism is succinct and much needed especially after 50 years of Adventist fog.  You neatly showed . . . that God forgives because He loves (which is exactly embedded in the Great Controversy theme, so backwards for so many)—though even His love will not coerce our loyalty.  This book will be a companion volume to Duffield’s Return of the Latter Rain."   Herbert Edgar Douglass, Th.D.

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In 1888 the “most precious message of Righteousness by Faith” was presented from the Bible to the General Conference session in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This site is dedicated to the study and spreading of that life-changing message.

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