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Campbell, John


"John Campbell was in corporate banking for 33 years with a major international bank at various locations in the U.S. and Canada. He retired in 2006 and now lives in Tennessee with his wife Monica. They have been actively involved in ministry work as well as in the SDA churches where they have lived. John is currently a deacon at the Benton SDA church.  Together, they have a burden for sharing this most precious message wherever they can and have done "Health and lifestyle seminars in light of the Cross" in the US and internationally for many years.  Their ministry, "Blessings from Above" (blessingsfromabove.net), is focused on Health and Lifestyle Education programs with the underlying  theme being Christ and Him crucified, Our Seeking Saviour. When all the beautiful truths of the 1888 message are studied together then we clearly see that our health message is truly a gift from Christ as its power comes from Him, His infinite love and His sacrifice."