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1988 January-February Vol. 4 Num. 1

1888 Message Study Committee Plans Regional Conferences

With the 1888 message revival spreading like fire in dry timber, it was natural that a meeting of the 1888 Message Study Committee focused on how to provide the speakers and the financial support needed to respond to requests for seminars and regional conferences.

Since Andrews University facilities are not available this year for a national conference, plans are in progress to hold conferences across the country wherever someone interested in sharing the Good News is able to arrange for the use of Adventist facilities.

A second New England Regional Conference launched the centennial year with a three-day, Spirit-filled meeting that included a communion service on New Year's Eve.

Twenty audio-tapes and a set of four videos are available through the efforts of Ron and Gail Mitrowski. (See January 1988 Price List.) They include several topics presented in greater depth than previously available: Alex Snyman's series of four studies on the covenants, Gerald Finneman's four-part series on the Holy Spirit and Robert Wieland’s four sermons on agape.

Five members of the DeLand, Florida, church have scheduled a weekend seminar. This first all-laymen's program will be made available to other churches. Speakers will be Chris Ezell, Don Figge, RJ Gravell, Marcum and Julie Randall. See the Appointment Calendar, page 2, for details of this and other weekend seminars.

Lorin Cook has arranged for a weekend session at Huntington Park church as a followup for the First Western Regional Conference held at Cedar Falls last Thanksgiving weekend. The second Western Regional Conference is already scheduled at Cedar Falls October 26-29.

Black Hills Health and Educational Center will host a regional conference over the Labor Day weekend, September 2 to 5.

Several other regional conferences are in the planning stage and will be announced in the next Newsletter. It is hoped that many more people will be able to attend these geographically widespread conferences that provide more in-depth study of the 1888 message than is possible in weekend seminars.

Study Guides Used to Follow Up Revelation Seminars

Quantity orders for the two sets of Bible study guides are being processed for people who have previously ordered a sample set and found them an appealing way to present the gospel.

The Glad Tidings Bible Study Guides are being used with non-Adventists as a follow-up for Revelation seminars as well as in individual Bible studies. There has been some delay in receiving the smaller edition announced in the last Newsletter, but we expect to be able to fill orders about February 1. The large-print edition is available now.

The ten-lesson set for Adventists, 1888: Good News for Laodicea, have also received a warm welcome. Both sets are being used for study in prayer meetings. See new January 1888 Price List for details about ordering.

New Titles Listed on January 1988 Book Price List

Why Jesus Waits by Dr. Herbert Douglass, first published in 1976, is once more available for readers seeking a clearer understanding of Jesus' work in the Most Holy Place, which will cleanse and prepare a people ready to meet Him at His second coming and to vindicate God.

Complete reprints of the sermons of Elder A. T. Jones at the 1893 and 1895 General Conference sessions are also available.O

Appointments Calendar

Dayton, TN, Jan. 22-23

Laurelbrook Academy. Alexander Snyman, speaker.


Fresno, CA, Jan. 22,23

Northwest church. Robert Wieland, speaker.


Umatilla, FL, Mar. 18-20

Rolling Hills church. Speakers,

Robert J. Wieland, Donald Short For information, call 1-800-HIS LOVE.


Huntington Park, CA, Jan. 29-31

First continued weekend session of Western Regional Conference. Robert Wieland, speaker. For information, call 213-581-5458.


Kingman, AR, Feb. 5-6

Speaker, Robert Wieland. For information, call 602-753-5124.


DeLand, FL, Feb. 26-28

Friday, 7 p.m.-Sunday a.m. Speakers, Chris Ezell, Don Figge, RJ Gravell, Marcum and Julie Randall. For information, call 904-734-2270 or 738-1888.


Brockville, Ontario, Feb. 26-28*

Speaker, Robert Wieland. For information, call 613-342-8560.


Chicago, IL, Apr. 1,2

Korean church, 300 E. 55th St., Westmont. Speaker, Alexander Snyman. For information, call 312-852-9316.


Deer Lodge, TN, Apr. 15,16 Meister Memorial church.

Alexander Snyman, speaker.


Banning, CA, Apr. 8-10

Speaker, Robert Wieland. For information, call 714-849-5055.


Red Bluff. CA, May 13-14

Speaker, Robert Wieland. For information, call 916-527-3733.


Chula Vista, CA, July 22-27

Speaker, Robert Wieland. For information, call 619-422-0405.


Hermosa, SD, Sept. 1-4

Black Hills Health & Ed. Center Regional Conference. For information, call 605-255-4101.


Cedar Falls, CA, Oct. 26-29

Second Western Regional Conference. For information, call 714-541-6535.

•Subject to Conference approval.

Newsletter Readers Invited to Join 1000 CLUB

The gifts of a few generous supporters who joined us in our first efforts to spread the "most precious message" kept us solvent as long as we were a small group of volunteers.

As the work has grown so rapidly and it has been necessary to provide a salary and a workplace, our monthly budget calls for the added support of those who are joining the 1000 CLUB by pledging $5.00 or more a month.

As stated in the last Newsletter, we believe, as loyal Adventist members, that the tithe and offerings should be paid to our local churches. However, we encourage those who believe that the 1888 message holds the key to "finishing the work” to join us in giving sacrifidally so that we can share the Good News. Whether you can give a $5.00 monthly gift or thousands of dollars, we welcome your help.

Ellen G. White 1888 Materials Support Choice of "Messengers"

(With the release by the White Estate of the complete file of 1888 materials, we are no longer dependent upon the interpretations of our contemporaries. The four-volume set is available to 'every searcher for truth. We are indebted to Elder Harold Toms for this example of individual research.)

I have been pondering Ellen White's letter to S. N. Haskell of June 1894. ( G. White 1888 Materials, vol. 3, pp 1240-1255) Her reaction to Jones’ and Prescott’s support of the Anna Rice Phillips visions is diametrically opposed to Dr. Knight's judgment as found in his book, 1888 to Apostasy. Knight criticizes Jones and Prescott for asking in reference to Anna's visions, "Do you hear the voice?" While she doesn't condone their error, Ellen White indicates they feared missing some truth that God might wish to give His people.

"If they felt afraid to refuse that which bears the appearance of being light, if they have grasped too eagerly that which has been misleading, believing it to be the counsel of God, should anyone be disposed to find fault, to criticize or complain, when they now acknowledge that they have not been as careful as they should have been to distinguish the tendency of a testimony that has an appearance of being divine? Shall those who have been manifestly refusing to accept real light, refusing to accept the power of the Holy Spirit, strengthen themselves in their resistance of light, and apologize for their hardness of heart, which has brought to them only darkness and the displeasure of God, because some other brethren who have received the light of God’s Holy Spirit, have made a misstep? Let every soul who has received the theory of the truth now take heed how they treat God's messengers. Let no one be found working on Satan’s side of the question, as an accuser of the brethren." (1888 Materials, vol. 3, p. 1242)

Just before these sentences, God’s messenger says: "These brethren are God’s ambassadors. They have been quick to catch the bright beams of the Sun of Righteousness, and have responded by imparting the heavenly light to others."

And on page 1243: "I thank the Lord with heart and soul and voice that the trial came upon men [Jones and Prescott! who truly loved and feared God..., who would not refuse the correction of God like stubborn children, and wait long in resistance, as those did who were reproved at the important meeting at Minneapolis. Brothers Jones and Prescott have made it manifest that they do indeed hear the voice and accept it as from God.”

On pages 1245 and 1246, Ellen White asks and answers a very pertinent question:

"Some have not been reconciled with the providence of God in selecting the very men which He did select to bear this special message. They ask, Why is it that He has not chosen the men who have been long in the work? The reason is that He knew that these men who had had long experience would not do the work in God's way and after God's order. God has chosen the very men He wanted.... Now because they have not seen all things distinctly, because they were in danger, the Lord sent them a warning, and let every soul who loves God, thank the Lord...that they did not resist the message of warning that the Lord saw fit to give them, and thus they did not repeat the grave error that some have made for years in resisting the Spirit of God."

In the following pages Ellen White says that if the older men had united with the Lord's chosen messengers, some of the mistakes made by Jones and Prescott would not have been made, that the younger men would have been happy to team up with their older brethren, and that God will hold the older men responsible for failing to yoke up with "the faithful watchmen," and that the older men placed themselves "where reliance could not be placed upon them as upon God’s chosen men of opportunity." (Ibid, pp. 1247,1248)

"God has chosen the very men He wanted, and we have reason to thank Him that these men have carried forward the work with faithfulness..."

Hear the Cry

In His mercy, God has heard our cries.... He has sent His prophets speaking His words of life and light and power.


And "Gideon threshed wheat by the winepress, to hide it from the Midianites. And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him, and said unto him, The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.

"And Gideon said unto him, Oh my Lord, if the Lord be with us, why then is all this befallen us? and where be all His miracles which our fathers told us of, saying, did not the Lord bring us up from Egypt?" Judges 6

Where is the power of the Lord? Where can we find the movings of His Spirit and the wonders of Divine leading? Are we not forsaken, left to wander in the world of sin, bound by its chains and depressed by its guilt? Oh Lord, where be all Thy miracles?

Is not this our cry? Will the Lord not hear? In His mercy God has heard not only our cries but the cries of all people from the beginning of time. He has sent His prophets, speaking His words of life and light and power. These words have been recorded and passed from generation to generation, guarded by the Spirit, though often condemned to destruction by the councils of men. Today we hold in our hands THE WORD OF THE LIVING GOD.

It was to the word that Jesus directed the minds of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. And it is to these holy words that we must go for our help in this our hour of need. For the word is the source of all power.

"By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth....For He spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast." Psalms 33:6,9

Not only does the Word create; it re-creates. Herein is the Hope of Glory. The Word which calls a billion blazing suns from nothing and flings them through the vastness of limitless space, that commands and it IS done, what ever "it" may be, is the same Word which takes this sinful lump of clay that I am and fashions it into a son of the living God, and heir with Christ who is Lord of lords and King of kings.

Seventh-day Adventists have often been called "a people of the Word." Are we still such today? Are you and I students of the Word?

The power of God to transform is contained in the Word. This power is inherent within the life of the Word who was made flesh. The Word who spoke and it was done, who commanded and it stood fast. This same power can be found within the written word for it is His word who can not lie, it is the truth and the truth shall set you free!

Why then do we not spend more time with the Word? Why are we not more like the Bereans who searched the scriptures daily to determine whether the things they were hearing were so? Could it be that we are not sure how to search?

Through the power of the Spirit the thoughts of God are transmitted to men. Written in the Bible, they are available to us who live at the very end of all earthly things. It is God's chosen method to allow us to expose our minds to the thoughts of His mind through the study of the Word. It is thus that our minds are formed and shaped into His likeness and we come to have in us the mind of Christ, through the power of the Spirit.

God will not hide His thoughts from you. You need but read the Word. Yet the study of the Word takes time and discipline and the development of a method of study. Some of the methods I use may be helpful as you seek a deeper understanding of the mind of God through the Word. For your consideration I will list several of the "tools” which I use when I open the Word of God.

1.   Understand the context. Be sure you know the main subject being discussed and understand each passage in relation to its context. This often means starting your study at the beginning of a book, not in the middle.


2. Take notes. Don't worry about being organized and able to follow the entire subject from your notes. But when you have studied enough to come to a conclusion make a note about the verses you have covered and the conclusion you have come to. This will enable you to refresh your memory without going through the entire reasoning process again.


3. Understand the meaning of key words. Certain words are central to the teachings of God. What they meant to the writer is very important. Every serious student of the Word should have a good concordance such as Young's Analytical Concordance.


Here you can find where English words are used in the Bible and the Greek or Hebrew (etc.) words from which they come as well as the original meaning of these words. As you look up several different words you may find that they all were originally the same word and mean the same thing. This will help make the relationship of different passages more clear.


If you would like to try this you might want to start by looking up the words "Sanctuary" (Daniel 9:26; 8:13,14) and "Holy" (Exodus 35:2, Daniel 12:7). See if it is possible to interchange any of the meanings you find and gain a clearer understanding of these passages.


4. Take special note of words such as "And" and ’Then." These words tie thoughts together and help us to keep both thought sequence and time sequence in order. An understanding of this principle will help us keep Revelation 13:5 in its proper place instead of placing it out of context. (Read it and see what is being said). The same is true for Matthew 24.


5. Understand that God often uses sections of a prophecy to apply to more than one event. This is a difficult concept for most of us to understand. In Joel 2 there is a passage which in context points to the days just before Jesus' return. But Peter, in Acts, says that the day of Pentecost was a fulfillment of this prophecy. So what we have is a person under inspiration of the Holy Spirit applying a prophecy out of context. This does not do away with the main meaning of the prophecy. It still applies to the days in which we live.


With this in mind we need to understand that when Ellen White applies a prophecy to one thing it is not the final and only application of the prophecy IF the context places it in another setting.


6. Paraphrase: When studying a passage of scripture, or even an entire book, it is often helpful to paraphrase. Take the time to write in your own words everything you get from the passage. This will force you to organize your thoughts and make it a part of your thinking process.


It is through the study of the word of God that the minds of men are brought into contact with the Divine. Study, therefore, to show thyself approved unto God and He will hear your cry.    —Bruce Ullom


'The wrath of man shall praise Thee," says the psalmist; "the remainder of wrath shalt Thou restrain." God means that testing truth shall be brought to the front and become a subject of examination and discussion, even if it is through the contempt placed upon it. The minds of the people must be agitated. Every controversy, every reproach, every slander, will be God's means of provoking inquiry and awakening minds that otherwise would slumber.

—Testimonies, Vol. 5, p. 453

Personally Speaking

As I return to my desk from the New Year’s conference at Camp Winnekeag, a dream begins to take tangible form. The 250 people drawn to the Southern New England Conference camp were predominantly young people with only a sprinkling of grey heads among them. (How far we have come since the Committee of Five—all retired conference workers—called the first conference at Camp Mohaven.)

The fervor of the music, the prayers, the testimonies brought to mind the familiar assurance that ’’the work will return with power to the East, where it began." I saw no boredom. Nor was it a group on an emotional high. The lodge was packed wall-to-wall through three solid days of Bible studies and sermons. Moist eyes at times signaled a tender heart-response to the Good News of Jesus’ agape love demonstrated at the cross.

Young people reported study groups forming and lively interest in their home churches.

A group from Hartland Institute gave an exciting report of the outreach projects in which they are active.

Chris Ezell and RJ Gravell from Florida represented the team of young people in the DeLand church who are preparing themselves to present 1888 seminars—first in their own church and later, as invited, in other churches of the conference. Dr. Lorin Cook is recruiting a similar team of laymen for a conference in southern California.

Plans are in the air for weekend seminars and conferences across the U. S. and even abroad. It will involve much prayer and work and money, but with God all things are possible.

I dare to dream of the revival I saw at Camp Winnekeag spreading across Adventist campuses, bringing a renewed sense of identity and vision of sacrificial service.—HFC

Only "Diligent Study" Will Shield from Deception

It should neither surprise nor discourage us to see the revival of the "most precious message" meeting the same response it received when it was first given to the church 100 years ago. There are personal attacks on the men God used as His channels then and on those He has chosen to call the church back to the message in our day.

We may expect to see a repetition of the attack that threatened the great Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century:

"The seed which Luther had sown sprung up every where.... But Satan was not idle. He now attempted what he has attempted in every other reformatory movement—to deceive and destroy the people by palming off upon them a counterfeit in place of the true work." (GC 186)

As "righteousness by faith" of every hue draws the attention of the church, an inspired warning takes on new force:

"Only those who have been diligent students of the Scriptures, and who have received the love of the truth, will be shielded from the powerful delusion that takes the world captive." (GC 625)0

Jewish Legalist Discovers The Cross

Not many weeks ago, I refused to read any books by Robert Wieland. I live at Mountain Missionary Institute so this attitude did not put me in the majority. For over a year I fought decidedly against studying the 1888 message. I read some of Jones and Waggoner and agreed with whatever they said as I saw scriptural reasons to do so, but I did not attend 1888 meetings or read 1888 books or have 1888 discussions with anyone. I was content with the light I had and thought that I needed nothing doctri- nally.

My life, however reflected the inner turmoil I was experiencing. I was aware of a deep lacking. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t happy—why I wasn't experiencing victory in my life. I knew that my sins hurt Jesus, but I wasn't sorry enough to stop. Guilt plagued me and I felt at times I was without hope.

This came to a head last summer while I was spending a few days in Maryland. That week God revealed my sinfulness to me in all its enormity. I was ready to give up, but that Sabbath morning I asked the Lord to help me know how to dedicate my life to Him. He led me to the ninth chapter of Romans. It is about the Jews, and since I’m from a Jewish family, I had an interest in what I was reading. Heretofore, I had not wanted to work particularly for the salvation of the Jews, but by the time I finished reading chapter 11, I was convicted that this would be just the work God would have me do. I realized that the Jews were destitute of the knowledge of righteousness by faith, as explained in chapter 10. I returned to New Hampshire with a renewed relationship with God.

When I arrived home, the Lord affirmed my calling. The woman upon whom He had placed the burden of being a Christian mother to me gave me a card on which she had written, "Your special calling—to preach the 1888 message to the Jews." Remarkably, the card was dated two days before I myself knew I would be working with the Jews.

The next few days were tumultuous ones for me. I faced defeat after defeat and, unfortunately, in a short period of time, forgot God’s providential leading the days before. There was going to be an 1888 conference in Massachusetts that weekend, and I was determined not to go. However, I did go, albeit not cheerfully. The devil had me tightly bound, and I was not a willing learner in the school of Christ. I was willing to be made willing though.

Throughout the meetings, to which we commuted for three days, I began to realize that although I'd been a Christian nearly a decade and an Adventist for three years, the cross meant little more to me than a familiar story. I had no power in my life. I saw myself as I really was—a legalist. I wanted to know what I could do to earn Christ's righteousness. I finally realized that I wasn't almost hopeless—I was totally hopeless!

Providentially, during one of the first prayer seasons, I was able to pray with my "mother" and Elder Wieland. I shared my heart longing for a different experience than the one I had. I asked God to make me over and show me the cross.

Since that time, I have seen some greater light. Jesus has freed me from legalism and is teaching me to appreciate His cross. I have finished reading In Search of the Cross and have started As Many as I Love. I am learning that it truly is easy to be saved. But I am also seeing that the closer I get to the cross the greater are the efforts of Satan to thwart my progress. He would have me that he could sift me as wheat, but my mother and other concerned individuals have prayed for me that my faith will not fail.

As I search for the cross, I realize that it is God's work; He is the One who placed hunger in my soul for righteousness. He is the One who grants my repentance. He is the One who searches for me.O —David Farkas

(Do you have a story of what Christ and His righteousness have done for you that you would like to share with us? Send it to the editor, The 1888 Message Newsletter, 2934 Sherbrook Drive, Uniontown, Ohio 44685.)

From the Mailbox

Books Distributed in the Philippines

God has been with me throughout all my travels through the Philippines.,..I met an Adventist pastor.... We were seatmates all the way [to the Philippines]; the Lord impressed me to leave one set of books and tapes with an Adventist attorney. Another set I set aside for the college where my wife attended. But when the district pastor, with whom I am like a brother, came by to see me and learned what the Lord had given me, he rejoiced exceedingly and pleaded with me to have his own set....He has 22 churches and baptizes many souls. ...The last set was given to a pastor who participated in our wedding but who now is a union mission Sabbath school superintendent....The interest here in 1888 is great, especially among the leaders.—RD


1888 Re-Examined Makes Impact

We were recently handed a copy of the new red paperback on 1888 and found it penetrating and accurate. Working in the pastoral work in Wisconsin, we've had opportunity to witness the impact this book is making on leaders and laity alike. The stir is amazing. Personally 1 found your call to church and leadership repentance quite appropriate (certainly not unlike Daniel's repentance for Israel before the end of the 70-week period), but the local leadership are hardly of the same opinion. We continue to pray for you, for the leaders in responsible positions here and abroad and for guidance to continue in the narrow way until the end. —LK


Travelers Distribute Six Cases of 1888 Re-Examined

We're back in Florida again after our three-month trip. My husband said we should have taken 12 cases instead of 6 but there wasn't enough room....I'm sure this message will spread in a marvelous way. —LV


Reader Amazed by Good News of A.T. Jones Lectures

I cannot thank you enough for sending me the A. T. Jones Lectures of 1893 and 1895.1 have never heard such amazing and wonderful truths! I was baptized in '53 in Miami, Florida. My husband also was baptized but was never converted so went out the "back door" within a year. Perhaps if he had known all these wonderful Bible facts, he may have been still with us....

I am going to go over these amazing truths again and again until they will be a part of me and my everyday living. This is what we should have been taught all these many long years ago!...This is so wonderful, I can hardly contain myself! I am very positive that there is very little time left, but oh so happy that He has made known to me all these astounding facts. Am glad that I am a firm believer in Sister White's works for they are of God. I read her books over and over.—ROM

Pastor Preaches Righteousness by Faith Almost Every Sabbath

...I have greatly enjoyed the conference at Andrews University as well as the books I've been reading. Although I am retired I preach somewhere almost every Sabbath. Never once do I preach a sermon without building it around "Christ our Righteousness." May God bless us as we endeavor to expand this great work of righteousness by faith.—RT

Reader Finds Peace and Joy

I have greatly appreciated the 1888 Message Newsletter and the Thought Papers. ...The little bits of the message that I have read thrill my soul. There is such a difference in spirit from the material I receive from a reform group of Seventh-day Adventists. It seems critical, negative and condemning. I am left feeling agitated, confused and hopeless even though 99.9% is quoted (or misquoted) from Ellen White.

I can't say your Thought Papers always make me "feel good" because I know I am at fault before God but as you show how compassionate Christ is my mind finds peace and joy and hope and renewal in my commitment to my blessed Lord. I feel drawn to Him by His love and not by pressure (and that feels good).

I believe in my church even though we often feel pain at the indifference and compromise that seem to be growing but thank God we are in His hands and He promised to finish what He started. I pray He will keep me faithful and that I may be a positive witness of His goodness. —GF

Legal Justification Of Whole World Is Basis for Justification by Faith

One of the topics that comes up for frequent discussion at the 1888 weekend conferences is the concept of a "legal justification" for all men. Many sincerely feel that this is in contradiction to Ellen White's statement in 1 Selected Messages, p. 366, and other similar statements. There Ellen White states that "God requires the entire surrender of the heart before justification can take place." None of our speakers would presume to disagree with this inspired statement. Yet as the noted evangelist, J. L. Shuler, has recognized, there are different aspects of justification presented in the Scriptures.

Shuler writes that: "grace is the source," "blood...the basis," "faith the condition" and "works testify" to the genuineness of the experience of justification. It is important then to clarify which phase of justification is being discussed.

Paul writes in Romans 3:24 and Titus 3:7 that we are "justified by His grace." In 2 Timothy 1:9 Paul states that this grace which justifies was given to us even before the world began: "Who hath saved us...not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began."

The destiny of the human race "in Christ" was decided even before the creation of the world. While the plan was laid from the beginning, it was not ratified until the death of Christ. Justification by grace, the provision founded in the councils of heaven, became eternally secure with the death of Jesus. This leads to Paul’s phrase "justified by His blood." This legal justification is the basis for justification by faith.


Many Calvinists believe that Christ provided only a limited atonement. They believe that Christ wrought out an actuar salvation at the cross. However, since all are not saved, this salvation is only for the elect.

The opposing Arminian position is that the atonement merely opens the way for one's salvation, but that actual salvation was not secured for anyone by Christ's death.

Both views fall short of the clear statements of Scripture. There are many verses which universally discuss an actual salvation. One such passage is found in Romans 5:18. The universal elements in the text appear in almost all translations:





If this verse is speaking of only a possible salvation, then the comparison between Christ and Adam falls. Neal Punt notes that if personal willingness to accept is an "essential prerequisite for receiving the benefit of Christ’s obedience” and no willingness is necessary to "receive the consequence of Adam’s disobedience” then the analogy fails.


E. J. Waggoner commented on this verse (ST 3/12/96): "There is no exception here. As the condemnation came upon all, so the justification comes upon all...the free gift comes upon all.” He repeats this in The Glad Tidings. "The blessing has come upon all men [then quotes Rom. 5:18].

A. T. Jones notes that the "first Adam" caused condemnation to come to all. "The second Adam undoes that." (GC Bulletin, 1895, p. 269)

There are many other Scripture passages that support this concept. In Hebrews 9:12 Paul states that "eternal redemption" has been obtained "for all." Titus 2:11 states that the "grace of God, which bringeth salvation, hath appeared to all men." 1 Timothy 2:6 informs us that Christ gave "Himself as a ransom for all." The word for ransom used here is the compound word "substitute-ransom" and indicates that an exchange actually took place.


"God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them..." 2 Corinthians 5:19

Christ is "the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe." 1 Timothy 4:12

Ephesians 2:1-10 teaches the same truth, that the human race is bound up in Christ. We were dead in sin (verse 5) yet brought to life in Christ. Not only brought to life, but seated in heavenly places, in Christ (verse 6).

Ellen White naturally shares these biblical concepts. Christ’s death has "restored the whole race of men to favor with God." (ISM 343) "Salvation is like the sunshine. It belongs to the whole world." (DA 307) "Salvation is like the air we breathe, like the atmosphere that belongs to the whole world." (RH 11/12/98) Nothing but one's "own choice can prevent" any from receiving this salvation. (DA 403)


The condemnation that comes upon the lost is illustrated in the life of Esau. He was bom with a birthright. Yet he bartered away these gifts. So too, each one comes into the world with a birthright, purchased by the death of Christ. Many, however, throw away this expensive gift. Esau "represents those who lightly value the redemption purchased for them by Christ." They are ready to trade away "their heirship to heaven for the temporary things of earth." (PP 181) Esau "represents those" who have lived below the "privileges which are theirs, purchased for them at infinite cost." (1BC 1095)


Waggoner writes that Christ "bought not a certain class, but the whole world of sinners." (CHR 70) This legal, for-the-whole-world aspect of justification is the basis of justification by faith. The two are related but not the same. The experience of justification by faith occurs as one sees and responds to the forgiving love of God displayed through the death of Christ.

Reading List Suggested to Introduce 1888 Message and History


The list of books available on various aspects of the 1888 message and history has grown so long that it may be helpful to use the following "core" list as a guide:

  • A Brief Look at the History and Content of the 1888 Message. 32 pp., $.60.
  • The 1888 Message: An Introduction. 158 pp. $6.95
  • The Good News Is Better Than You Think. 96 pp. $6.95.
  • Glad Tidings Bible Study Guides. 32 lessons. $4.50
  • 1888: Good News for Laodicea Bible Study Guides. 10 lessons. $2.00.
  • 1888 Re-examined.209 pp. $7.95.
  • Glad Tidings. 144 pp. $5.95
  • Consecrated Way, small edition. 129 pp. $1.50.
  • In Search of the Cross. 120 pp. $5.95.
  • As Many As I Love. 101 pp. $3.95.
  • 1888-1988, Is the Message Relevant Today? $.50.
  • Righteousness by Faith and the Cleansing of the Sanctuary. $.50.
  • Righteousness by Faith Comparison. $.50.

Study Guides to Supplement Revelation Seminar

I attended the 1888 conference in Michigan this past summer. While there I purchased a set of your Bible studies for non-Adventists (Glad Tidings). Looking over it I find it excellent! Our Action Team is planning to give a Revelation Seminar and would like to use the Glad Tidings Bible Study Guides as supplemental material.... Our Jr. Academy is using the Glad Tidings Bible Studies door-to-door in the neighborhood of our school as a part of their Bible class.   —PO

A.T. Jones: The Man and the Message

A review of From 1888 to Apostasy —The case of A.T. Jones by George R. Knight Review & Herald Publishing Association 1987


32 PAGES $1.25 Available in April

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